Collection Against Fashion

H&M selected good causes to support, what they have done wrong this years re the collections themselves. As you can read in an earlier post, I did not appreciate the "Conscious Collection" from H&M but now the collection "Fashion Against Aids" is out and my disappointment is even bigger. The collection has anything but fashion in it if you ask me, there are very few things to save and they are accessories, not even clothes. Here you can see some pieces and the two pieces I save are the two bags (and the yellow one is a copy from Jil Sander's popular bag so... not much left to say haha). What do you think? Do you like the collection?

Postat av: Kristabel

There you go, that's what I like, people with an opinion. Thank you Annia. And yes you are right fashion is about that, everyone can and will like different things!

2011-04-28 @ 14:07:55
Postat av: kajsa

snygg silver-väska!

2011-04-29 @ 16:02:16

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