The Royal Wedding

Wow, what a day, I was glued to the TV yesterday hahaha. What a beautiful wedding. Here are some images from Alexander McQueen by Sarah Burton the dress, best and worst dressed and even one of the 3 official images that have been released. Enjoy!
Alexander McQueen by Sarah Burton jaw dropping wedding dress
Alexander McQueen by Sarah Burton glamorous and stunning evening dress
The couple!
Pippa Middleton in her simple and beautiful Alexander McQueen by Sarah Burton dress and David&Vicoria were some of the best dresses.
Swedish throne princess Victoria and her husband Daniel. She was looking radiant, the color is great on her but I cannot help but notice that bump, I really wonder if she is pregnant, it looks like it! Another winner in the best dresses list is Princess Maxima from Netherlands. So chic and elegant.
Pippa shocking us again with her beauty. another Sarah Burton dress.
Now for he worst dressed were these two sisters. Princesses Eugenie (left) and Beatrice
Official Wedding image from
There you have it, hope you enjoyed this short summary of the Royal Wedding. Do you have any favorites?

Postat av: joanna- att leva med Aspergers syndrom

Tänkte bara tipsa om att just nu pågår flera tävlingar med fina priser på min blogg så passa på att gå in och kolla:)

Du hittar tävlingarna högst upp i vänsterspalten:)

Finns även en dagens bloggtävling där du har chansen att bli länkad inför mina 400-600 unika besökare dagen:)

2011-05-02 @ 20:27:22
Postat av: Kristabel

Yes, an impact was definitely what they were going for and yes, that dress looks crazy cheap!

2011-05-02 @ 22:12:03

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