"THE May issue of Vogue provides, as Alexandra Shulman puts it in her editor's letter, a "delicious confection of all things matrimonial" - in honour of the upcoming royal wedding."reports Vogue news. This is the first multi-cover edition in British Vogue's 95-year history. They are all photographed by Mario Testino, the official photographer for the royal wedding, THE wedding of the year. Here are some images from the edition and two of the three covers. They come from Stylecaster. Doesn't this preview look great? (I have to accept I get butterflies in my stomach thinking about weddings as I am planning mine too, cannot wait to get a hold of this issue).

Postat av: little Peaché

oh such inspiring pictures!

2011-04-07 @ 09:14:49
Postat av: little Peaché

sv: vad roligt att du gillade dem! problemet är bara att de är riktiga taxi-skor. omöjliga att gå ens några meter i! =)

2011-04-08 @ 06:25:54

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