Paris Outfit 2

Here is outfit 2, as promised. Color blocking was the Paris theme as you can see, spring at its best! WHat do you think? Which did you like more (comparing with Paris Day 1 post).
Shirt and Pants: H&M, turban Asos and shoes Zara.
Tomorrow.... little more Paris. Stay tuned!
P.S. vote for the look here if you like it, under the image where it says Röster. Thank you very much!
Här kommer outfit nummer två. Som ni ser var det color blocking som gällde i Paris. Gillar ni outfiten? Vilken av dem var bäst (om man jämför med den från igår)?
P.S. Här kan ni rösta för outfiten om ni gillar den. Tusen tack!

Postat av: Annia

I can´t control myself! First it was the Swedish flag and now the Dutch one. These posts should rather be named: ¨Guess what flag outfit¨ :)

Your look rocks as usual. Puss :)

2011-03-24 @ 23:46:56
Postat av: Kristabel

haha, crazy girl! Thanx!

2011-03-25 @ 07:44:59

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