Decision Making

I went to Zara today to shop the striped skirt in the pic. but turned out they didn't have size S, and I visited two stores, boohoo...! While I looked around I found this beautiful pink skirt and it all became  a mind game where I was lost in the decision of either buying a bigger size for the striped one (which I would have to sew to fix and it didn't feel completely right on) or buying the pink one, so I decided to take the pink one. I plan to use it with tees to tone it down a bit. Was it a good decision?
Besökte Zara idag för att köpa den randiga kjolen på bilden men de hade inte min storlek =(. Hittade också den rosa kjolen och gillade den mycket. Det var svårt att bestämma om det var bättre att köpa den randiga som skulle behöva sys lite för att passa mig eller den rosa. Jag köpte den rosa till slut, gjorde jag rätt?


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