Jeffrey Jewels

The other day i found some images of some new shoes by Jeffrey Campbell. This brand never ceases to amaze, different shoes in a great way. Tell me if they don't play with your minds? I really like the ones with the curved heel!
Häromdagen hittade jag några nya bilder från Jeffrey Campbell. Det här märket slutar adrig att överraska oss. De får en att stirra och undra hur det går att använda dem! Jag älskar de med böjda klackar. Gillar ni dem?


These are some sunglasses from the brand called Illesteva. They follow the season trend and they are gorgeous if you ask me. Has any of you shopped round sunglasses this season or is planning to? I am and today I saw some that may just be the ones in H&M, I want to check out more options first though. Any advice? Thanx!

Pantone 2

Today I selected the colors blue and purple. There are more blue examples but that purple MaxMara left me speechless. I think Zara has done a great job with colorful suit jackets this season in case you are looking for something similar. What do you think about these colors, are you fan of any?
The designers from left to right are:
Diane Von Furstenberg, Marc Jacobs, MaxMara, Mulberry, Jason Wu, Emilio Pucci, Versace and Prada

Pantone 1

Since this season is all about colors I have decided to dedicate some posts to several colors or color combinations, those which I consider the hottest ones. Our first colors are Red+Pink. These are some of the best pieces of the season in those two colors. Which is your favorite? Will you  be wearing pink, red or both together these seasons?
The images come from and the illustration from here and from the following designers in order from left o right:
Erdem, Carolina Herrera, Bally, Valentino, Lanvin, Jil Sander by Spiros Hallaris, Jil Sander, Prada, Jason Wu, Jason Wu and Mulberry.


SUNO is a Kenya inspired brand. Its creator collected for years fabrics from this country and then decided to create a fashion brand inspired on those patterns, colors, etc. The majority of their collections are even produced in Kenya. I find it different and refreshing. Here are three looks from the spring/summer 2011 collection I have selected to share some inspiration. Do you like them?
SUNO är ett modemärke som inspireras i landet Kenya. Kreatören av märket samlade tygg från landet under 10 år och sen bestämde han sig för att designa med detta som inpiration. Det mesta av kollektionerna tillverkas i Kenya. Jag har valt tre looks från s/s 2011s kollektion. Gillar ni dem?

Spring Wishes

These are my wishes for the near future. Missing some colors in the wardrobe still, even though there is no sign of any spring at all in Göteborg. I still want to make myself believe that I will need this for "spring".
De här är mina önskningar just nu. Även om det inte verkar som att våren någonsin kommer att komma till Göteborg vill jag tro att jag behöver allt detta till "våren". Vad tycks? Saknar jag något?

Silver shoes-Asos, green blazer-Zara, hot pink trousers & shirt-Zara, orange shorts-Asos, orange lipstick-YSL and hot pink lipstick-MAC. What do you think? Am I missing anything?


Impressive! Since I was a little girl I have been interested in mosaic, it is such a meticulous art, it is admirable and not everyone has the patience to work with this technique. Nothing could be more perfect that mosaic and fashion put together. This really captivated me, read more about it here. What do you think? Any artist out there who would like to give us an opinion from a more artistic point of view?

The Best Pink Lips

Here are the perfect pink lipsticks to be in style this season. Different tones for different styles and different skin tones. You must have one for spring and summer. The one from MAC called Girl About Town is very popular, celebrities like Beyonce, Kim Kardashian and Rihanna use it. Which is your favorite?

Paris - Final Episode

These are the last (fashion related) pics from Paris.
The one and only Prada collection for this season.
A little window shopping can always cheer one up!
Christian Louboutin store. It was amazing, it has a "carousel" displaying shoes as it rotates. And don't get me started about the shoes.
Found some fashion even inside the Eiffel Tower. I would love to have these ones!
There you have it, hope you enjoy the pics and hope you are enjoying your sunday before going back to all your daily activities tomorrow. See you later!

Asos Bags

Asos has some crazy beautiful bags right now, colorful and fruity! Just wanted to give you all the tip in case you are on the hunt for one. I recommend the salmon-ish one on the lower row. Good luck!

Street Style - Paris

While in Paris I decided to shoot some street style images. I hope I had more but I did not have my camera the first days. Hope yo like these ones anyhow.
These girls were amazing. The perfect gang! They are all so radiant and unique. All the Paris attitude and flair, had to photograph them!! What do you think?
Both so colorful and spring-ish, great job. She nailed every detail, love how she folded the sleeves of her dress. Looks so effortless. Like it??
Hugs and have a nice weekend everyone!
Thx 4 reading ;)


That is all I can say...WOW! Hats off to Anna...yet again! (Anna Dello Russo in Mary Katrantzou, image here).

Sheer School--Day 3

Hello again and welcome to the last day of our sheer course. This lesson is for those who dare a little more. Extreme is not always bad. I wonder how many of you would wear this. I would!
Yellow top and black sheer pants-NastyGal. shoes-Jeffrey Campbell, Nail polish-Essie, bracelet-Forever21 and leggings-H&M.
I wonder how many of you would wear this. I would!
This is it for the Sheer School, hope you enjoyed it. I see you until monday or tuesday, by now I am in Paris, celebrating my boy's b-day. Hope to have some amazing pictures for great post on my way back. Wish me luck!
Have an amazing weekend, wherever you are!

Sheer School--Day 2

Hello and welcome back! Today we will be covering lesson number 2: "Somewhere in Between". Here you have the second level of wearing sheer. I selected two different options for some of the things, like the top and the shoes, just to give a better idea. You can see how flexible the look is.
Bike shorts-NastyGal, black body and bracelets H&M, flower corset-forever21, pink dress-Monki, hat H&M, necklace-forever21, shoes-asos, black shorts Topshop, converse sneakers, sweate BikBok and finally, belt-Zara.
What do you think? Who would wear it?
Hope you liked it. See you tomorrow!

Sheer School--Day 1

As many are aware of, sheer is a strong trend this season. Many have no idea how to make this trend work or wouldn't ever DARE to even think of wearing see-through clothes!! Who in the world wears that they think? If you are one of those or if you simply want to know how to wear sheer pieces in a fashionable way, itçs great you are reading this. Today I will start my 3 day course of how to wear sheer. The level are:
1. Conservative
2. Somewhere in Between
3. Daring
Today we will study "Conservative", so pay attention:
Shirt-Monki, Pink skirt- H&M, OPI nail polish, black ring and both bras- H&M (you can wear either, if you are the most conservative type, use black to blend it in with shirt), black shoes- Asos and Necklace H&M.
What do you think? Are you the conservative kind and would wear this or never in a million years? Hope it is helpful. Stay tuned because tomorrow we move on to lesson number 2, "Somewhere in Between".
Thank you for reading!

Catch OR Release?

WHat should you keep and what should you dispose from your wardrobe to make some space for summer season? Here are my suggestions:
Trends to keep:

Dots: Marc Jacobs will probably be the spring/summer Prada of autumn/winter. Stripes are replaces by dots. Not many of us have polka dots in our closets I guess, but if you do and were thinking of finally disposing this items, think twice, it will be trendy in autumn and winter.
Furs: The bigger the better. Fur (fake ones please!) has been in style for some years now but this coming autunn we got a fresh way of using it: fur sleeves. If you have any fur coat, scarf, etc... do not dispose it, it will stay fashinable.
Leather: again, new and better ways to use leather in a/w season, keep!
- - - - - - - - - -
Colors: we all know colors are huge in spring and summer, the good new is that the transition to autumn and winter will be easy because colors come to stay. AW season has a lot of color also, so it is a good investment.
Sparkles -glitter & shimmer (michael kors, rodarte, jenni Kanyne, peter som, cynthia rowley, shoes miu miu)
New jacket shapes: miu miu,
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
oversized: forget about sloppy, throw all that away and make some space for the colors instead. Here is a last season Dries Van Noten sloppy look and the replacement look from Haider Ackermann. It is all about being elegant and about well tailored clothes in AW2011.
Leopard (dolce, dies van noten-vest-): even though it has been in style for a while, the upcoming seasons are not about this pattern, you can let it go now, if you ask me.
- - - - - - - - - - -
There you go fashionistas, I hope this post has been useful because I have worked quite a while on it. The time is here, season change, wardrobe change. Good luck! Any specific questions? Fell free to ask, I answer and advice you gladly.
Love you all, thank you for reading!


I know I have been absent for more than I should. For those who visit the blog daily, I am truly sorry, I have had a lot to do these last days but to make it up to you all, here is a post on ZARA.
Yesterday I had some minutes to spare as I was downtown and I decided to check out Zara, since it was long I was there. I was pleasantly surprised, but MAN, was it dangerous! I want to warn you because once you are in, it's the point of no return! The new season's collection is CRAZY good. Colors, shapes, everything, they have thought of it all. The only reason I walked out of there empty handed is because in less than 10 days I will be in Paris, but I want it all! Have a look!

Wear It!

All time glamorous Herper's Bazaar (Australia) fashion editor, Christine Centenera. We all love her, here is how to wear the look everybody has been talking about.
1. Shirt: H&M
2. Shoes:
3. Black pants: H&M
4. Bracelet:
5. Sleeveless waistcoat: Michael Kors
6. Envelope iPad case: asos
7. Sunglasses: Topshop
Christine Ceneteras look som är på allas läppar. Nu kan du bära den!


What a picture. I like her coat but the picture is what I praise. Good job. It is model Dorothea Barth Jorgensen and the picture comes from Citizen Couture. I really like and recommend this web page, it is so inspiring!

Online Zara

To celebrate the inaguration of Zara's online shop I have selected an outfit. Almost all of it comes from Zara. Go and get colorful fashionistas!

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