Hey! Just wanted to let you all know that asos has a 30% discount on shoes right now. In case you need a pair ;) or maybe have been desiring a certain pair for a while. Good luck! Check it here.
Asos har skorea just nu. Ni kanske behöver några skor eller har velat ha ett par sen ett tag nu. Lycka till! Kolla Här.

Surprise Surprise

Today I got something very special on the mail. Can you guess what it is? Tomorrow I will let you know. Hope you like it as much as me!

Lady Vamp

Lady Gaga debuted as a model yesterday (as all of you probably already know). She rocked it, as it was to be expected!

"And then, 11 tailored looks into the show, Gaga emerged from behind the photographer's pit in molded black bra, sheer bodysuit, and long black hobble skirt. She sported platinum-blond extensions underneath a triangle hat, and she was smoking—in both the literal and figurative senses. In fact, Gaga had better balance on her platform wedges than many of the professional models did on their own precarious heels." Writes style.com (image from them too)

The Best Accessory

The new iPad can complete any outfit with style and perfection. Who doesn't want one? Check it out here.

Red Carpet

Oscars: What did they wear? I selected my Best Dressed list and here are the medals. Well done girls!
GOLD: Nobody deserves gold better than Cate Blanchett according to me. With this Givenchy Haute Couture she was the evening's absolute winner!
SILVER: Mandy Moore wearing Monique Lhuillier, Halle Berry wearing Marchesa and Mila Kunis wearing Elie Saab Haute Couture.
BRONZE: Sandra Bullock wearing Vera Wang, Hilary Swank wearing Gucci Premiere and Reese Witherspoon wearing Armani Privé.
Do you agree with me or would you have distributed the medals differently?



John Galliano has been suspended from his role as designer at Dior after 14 years in his charge. The reason: "The fashion house was informed of the charges carried against John Galliano, its creator, in regards to anti-Semitic remarks made yesterday evening." writes Trendland.
Wow, this is really big, I wonder if the collection will be presented as planned in the upcoming Paris Fashion Week. I also wonder what will happend with the Dior house, regarding design and with Galliano himself, this represents big changes in the industry. Way to go Dior to stand for its policy of no tolerance to anti-Semites attitude or racism!

Naughty or Nice?

Anna Dello Russo tweeted about this pictures some days ago, wearing Alexander Wang's A/W 2011 outfit. She was wearing this a couple of day or so after the show. My question is, is this right? The way I see it, a collection meant to be worn during autumn and winter 2011 should be worn during that season. Is it right to wear them just because one has the means and social connections to do it? Will this outfit not be boring by the time the actual season it was made for arrives? Don't take me wrong, I love Anna but I am against this and believe this is just a way to abused a collection.

I agree with Tom Ford and his technique for spring 2011 collection. He released it "secretly" and decided to show the collection to the world until the actual season of the collection.
He says:
"I do not understand everyone's need to see everything online the day after a show, I don't think it ultimately serves the customer, which is the whole point of my business--not to serve journalists or the fashion system. To put something out that's going to be in a store in six months, and to see it on a starlet... next week? My customer doesn't want to wear the same thing she saw on a starlet!"
What is your opinion on this? Has Anna and all the other been Naughty or Nice??


By Bazaar
By Tommy Ton
By Vogue.com
I bet I'm not the only one wishing to be in NY for fashion week. The only thing that helps it to look at all the amazing images we gently receive from many sources. For me, the most inspiring ones are the street style shots. Here are several from different sources. Bazaar, Vogue and obviously from fabulous Tommy Ton. Isn't red THE color to be wearing in the street of NY??
Jag kan gissa att jag inte är den enda som drömmer om att vara i NY just nu för Fashion Week. Det enda man kan göra är titta på de underhållande bilderna från alla som faktiskt är där. Här kan ni se några från olika källor. Bazaar, Vogue och förstås, Tommy Ton. Är inte röd DEN rätta färgen att bära i NY nu?

SFW Objective Review

I know I took my time but I really want my review to be an objective and reasonable one. I don't just want to say which pieces I liked and that is it, I believe it is important to review the collections in an objective way to help the industry develop in a realistic and competitive way in an international way. So far I have only seen reviews of the sort I mentioned, showing the specific pieces that were remarkable but none of them analyzing the collections as a whole. I watched the collections here and will talk about some of them, can't do all of them or I would take ages haha and the article would become boring. Take a look, all the shows are there.
Feel free to debate my opinion, that is the entire point!
Sorry about not being able to translate to Swedish but the article would become way too extensive.
Hernandez Cortes: A good collection, not extensive but quality pieces. Several pieces enhanced the waist as the one here on the right, which made it overall a femenine collection but in a minimalist way, which is the representation of the swedish design in it. A good collection overall, with a daring color range for a a/w season.
Filippa K: average if you ask me, I believe it was a little lost in time and at least half of it felt like a late-spring collection- Warm, simple. Did not match my expectations.
Ida Sjöstedt: a collection that is rapidly receiving merits, it is almost all  the reviews I've read. It is a detailed collection which can make one feel inside a fairy tale, a little magical. Great materials, cannot get more femenine. A collection full of quality, well executed.
Ann-Sofie Back: minimalism walking down the street. I guess the addition of a color as live as aqua color is somehow innovative factor in swedish fashion design but in my opinion, as a whole, the collection did not deliver what was expected. This is a big name in the swedish fashion industry and one expects a lot. Maybe it's just me, not being swedish, who perceives it like this, does anyone feel differently?
Dagmar: also somehow not was good as expected for such a big brand. A sporty feeling in dressy outfits, a great concept just not reaching its best possibilities.
Rodebjer: a great collection! Sophisticated with an injection of color and metallic. The purple/pinkish-metallic accessories are a great way to complete the looks and give life to the collection. Great attention to details, like the shoulders in the image to the right. Something new: lengths. A different use of lengths, like the image to the right with a very long shirt used over pants. Great for a/w season.
Whyred: Men! That is all I can say. This is a collection made for men, the pieces for men were great and the ones for women could be borrowed by the men. a purely masculine collection, if one sees it like that, it is a good one.
Altewai.Saome: WOW! Well done I have to say. This collection feels like a good twist of Swedish fashion design. Even though its roots are Swedish it has variations which give it an amazing touch and which  believe can mark the further reach or the beginning of the internationalization of the country's design. The detailing in each piece and what I perceive as a sort of african influence make the collection so rich and brings minimalism to another level.
Nakkna: does one need any other color other than black for winter?? I would usually answer YES to that answer but this collection proves me wrong and strongly states a NO! There is no need for color when one has a wide range of materials and an amazing sense for shape and how to play with it. The best example of a playful use of shape can be seen in the capes, I want all of them (the 2 first pics). The best example (one of all the many) of material range is the blazer from the 3rd image which looks like it is made out of paper. Great job!
Noir&Blanc: Such a complete collection. Casual yet elegant. If I could I would be ordering almost all this pieces now. First of all, great use of patterns which are greatly complemented with metallic accessories. What I probably like the most are the jackets, layered fronts in some and lack of shoulders in others. Great to see different options for a jacket, who would not like that for autumn and winter season when almost everybody looks the same in the streets?

SFW aw2011 Today

These are my pics from today Stockholm Fashion Week (from what I've seen). The first pic comes from Hernández Cornets' collection and the second one from Altewai.Saomes' collection. The collection from Altewai.Saomes is like the exception to the rule for swedish fashion design in my opinion, colors, material, not just black and white and minimalism, but it also feels swedish at the same time. Like like! Pictures here.
Mina val från idag (SFW) kommer ifrån Hernández Cornets och ifrån Altewai.Saomes. Båda är färgfulla, förstås haha, det är kanske därför jag gillar dem...skojar bara men Altewai.Saomes till exempel känns som ett annorlunda alternativ inom svensk modedesign. Jag gillar verkligen det, vad tycker ni?

Zara's Spring Collection Lookbook

Zara  has just release its lookbook for the spring/summer season. It features model Stella Tennant and it combines bright and light colors with a modern touch of the 70's. The shapes are quite minimalistic and it feels like each piece can be a statement itself. Well done Zara! Cannot wait to see some of those in stores. I particularly recommend the "completely white look", very in this season!

Stockholm Fashion Week

Here some pics I found in Marcella's blog, from the fashion week which started this week. The first one from Ann Sofie Back and the other one from Whyred. Nice, good to see some color for a change! Wish so much I could be there, maybe next year, when my blog is super famous, I will get invited haha!!! Wishful thinking =). Enjoy!

TLC Tävling

Hej alla, vill bara tipsa om den här coola invigningsfesten som ni kan delta i genom att tävla här. Lycka till!

Elin Kling for H&M

I know, every blog has the Elin's post at the moment but I want to share the pieces that I believe are the best ones. I would love to be able to get these four pieces, the silver blazer and the white shorts are my absolute favorites. I wonder what the prices are going to be, hope somehow accessible. Which one do you like??
Images found here

It's a Boy!

Victoria's Secret's angel Miranda Kerr has just given birth to her first child, a boy. Orlando Bloom and Miranda married each other in july 2010 and are now the proud parents of a baby boy. He was delivered in Los Angeles hospital. Information and picture found here.
Miranda Kerr, som är en Victoria's Secret ängel, har just fött sitt första barn i Los Angels.

The New Face of Chanel

Blake Lively is currently the star of one of the most popular TV shows but rumor has it a completely different activity will be added to her résumé in the near future. According to sources ads have been shot in Paris and are to run next year. We can only wait.
Gossip Girl-stjärnan Blake Lively ska vara Chanels ansikte utåt för modehusets kommande handväskorskampanj.Vi måste dock vänta till nästa år för att se resultatet.

GAP.inc opens first Gap store in Italy

The store opened on November 20 this year in Milan and the store Banana Republic is planned to open there in the near future too. Getting closer to Sweden =). Even if today we are able to purchase from the store via its european online store, the shopping experience is always best when done in person. Affordable luxury is never bad so it couldn't hurt to hope for an even further expansion!

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