The Royal Wedding

Wow, what a day, I was glued to the TV yesterday hahaha. What a beautiful wedding. Here are some images from Alexander McQueen by Sarah Burton the dress, best and worst dressed and even one of the 3 official images that have been released. Enjoy!
Alexander McQueen by Sarah Burton jaw dropping wedding dress
Alexander McQueen by Sarah Burton glamorous and stunning evening dress
The couple!
Pippa Middleton in her simple and beautiful Alexander McQueen by Sarah Burton dress and David&Vicoria were some of the best dresses.
Swedish throne princess Victoria and her husband Daniel. She was looking radiant, the color is great on her but I cannot help but notice that bump, I really wonder if she is pregnant, it looks like it! Another winner in the best dresses list is Princess Maxima from Netherlands. So chic and elegant.
Pippa shocking us again with her beauty. another Sarah Burton dress.
Now for he worst dressed were these two sisters. Princesses Eugenie (left) and Beatrice
Official Wedding image from
There you have it, hope you enjoyed this short summary of the Royal Wedding. Do you have any favorites?

Collection Against Fashion

H&M selected good causes to support, what they have done wrong this years re the collections themselves. As you can read in an earlier post, I did not appreciate the "Conscious Collection" from H&M but now the collection "Fashion Against Aids" is out and my disappointment is even bigger. The collection has anything but fashion in it if you ask me, there are very few things to save and they are accessories, not even clothes. Here you can see some pieces and the two pieces I save are the two bags (and the yellow one is a copy from Jil Sander's popular bag so... not much left to say haha). What do you think? Do you like the collection?

Pantone 4

Continuing with the color posts, today we have "floral" as a theme. Great for spring and summer, floral is never wrong, as long as it is COLORFUL (sis, you know what I mean by these capitals). Here are some images to inspire you.
Designer from left to right:
D&G, Douglas Hannant, D&G, Erdem, Jil Sander, Milly, Michael Kors, D&G and Milly


Take a look at these. Wow, there is not much more to say. I so want them. They are 799 SEK in Zara. Aren't they just great? Birthday gift ideas for those who are wondering what I want haha.
Hope you all had a happy easter, now to get back on track. Have a great week!


On thursday i received the good news of my admission to university so we celebrated with some friends at Rumpanbar. Had a blast. here is the outfit of that day. I felt so festive and colorful was definitely the way to go. I wore a tee over a dress to make it a maxi skirt instead and I wore open shoes for the first time this year!! What do you think?

It's all About Business

Remember I told you about some big news? Well, I am so happy to share with you that i have been admitted to the University of Borås for the Master program of Fashion Management. I will be starting school in late August and I have so many plans. The blog and the program go hand in hand if you ask me so this can only get better! There you have it, hope there are more surprises to come in the near future.


Wednesday's outfit. First day of the year I went out without some sort of winter or spring jacket, just a blazer!! I also used my new necklace for the first time. I saw it in H&M and instantly fell in love, perfect to pair up the intense colors that I will be wearing this season. Isn't it cool?
Blazer - ZARA Basic, necklace - H&M, t-shirt - Monki, leggings - BikBok, Bag - Gina Tricot and shoes - Nelly.


I won a pattern-making course in a school called Tillskärarakademin here in Göteborg. You have no idea how excited I am, I will finally be able to experiment with making some clothes of my own. I do not know much about the course yet but as soon as I do I will let you know more. I also have some other good news but I will let you know later.
Jag vann en mönsterkonstruktionskurs hos Tillskärarakademin och jag är så glad över det. Kan inte vänta på att börja även om jag inte ens vet när den börjar eller hur det ska gå till. I alla fall jäte häftigt. Kommer att berätta mee när jag vet lite mer om allt. Någon som går på Tillskärarakademin eller som vet någon som går på den?

ADR Barbie

Anna dello Russo has done it, she has conquered one more world, the dolls' world. She now has an ADR Barbie. There are not many who can say that, great for her! And the barbie is gorgeous. If I had a daughter I would be out shopping it haha. Do you like it or is it too much? Pics from her twitter post.

Pantone 3

The color combination of the day is yellow/orange. These are two of my absolute favorite colors for the season. They are so playful and not everyone can wear a full-yellow-or-orange outfit, they are definitely not the easiest colors to wear. That is one of the reasons why I like them, because one has to be a little more creative to come out with something good. What about you? Do you like wearing these colors?
Designers from left to right:
Versace, Proenza Schouler, Emilio Pucci, Prada, Jil Sander, MaxMare(down), Lanvin(up), Emilio de la Morena, Iceberg and MaxMara



This is it, this is what I got yesterday. Found this amazing Jil Sander look-alike at Zara. How perfect is the color. I cannot wait to use it. Like it??
Det här är vad jag köpte igår. En Jil Sander look-alike  kjol. Det perfekta signaturplagget för sösongen. Gillar ni den?

Sneak Peek

This is a sneak peek of the shop of the day. It was long since I had a shop of the day but this one is a piece I just fell in love for the second I saw it, plus it is the budget reproduction of one of the season's most talked about pieces. Tomorrow I will show you what it is. Any guesses?

UN-Conscious Collection

I know H&M's Conscious Collection is in everyone's mouth and I will probably be the biggest grinch in the fashion world for this post, but well, if that is the price for free speech bring it on. Yesterday the collection launched and I happened to be downtown so I checked it out. My opinion: bad quality clothes with an excuse!

I understand that these fabrics are a special kind but that gives no reason to not use lining in garments that are basically see through, that is just cheap. I mean it is not Beach-Conscious Collection... I didn't understand how one is supposed to wear those clothes. Apart from that, the collection is not even a delight to the eye. The pieces really seem like the most basic and non-stylish pieces in a wardrobe. Of course there are like 2 or 3 exceptions, like the dress I show here, but I do not understand what all the fuzz is about this collection, and I am a "greenie" myself, I support and promote everything eco-friendly.
Is it just me out here or does somebody happens to agree?!!???!

Jeffrey Jewels

The other day i found some images of some new shoes by Jeffrey Campbell. This brand never ceases to amaze, different shoes in a great way. Tell me if they don't play with your minds? I really like the ones with the curved heel!
Häromdagen hittade jag några nya bilder från Jeffrey Campbell. Det här märket slutar adrig att överraska oss. De får en att stirra och undra hur det går att använda dem! Jag älskar de med böjda klackar. Gillar ni dem?


These are some sunglasses from the brand called Illesteva. They follow the season trend and they are gorgeous if you ask me. Has any of you shopped round sunglasses this season or is planning to? I am and today I saw some that may just be the ones in H&M, I want to check out more options first though. Any advice? Thanx!

Pantone 2

Today I selected the colors blue and purple. There are more blue examples but that purple MaxMara left me speechless. I think Zara has done a great job with colorful suit jackets this season in case you are looking for something similar. What do you think about these colors, are you fan of any?
The designers from left to right are:
Diane Von Furstenberg, Marc Jacobs, MaxMara, Mulberry, Jason Wu, Emilio Pucci, Versace and Prada

Pantone 1

Since this season is all about colors I have decided to dedicate some posts to several colors or color combinations, those which I consider the hottest ones. Our first colors are Red+Pink. These are some of the best pieces of the season in those two colors. Which is your favorite? Will you  be wearing pink, red or both together these seasons?
The images come from and the illustration from here and from the following designers in order from left o right:
Erdem, Carolina Herrera, Bally, Valentino, Lanvin, Jil Sander by Spiros Hallaris, Jil Sander, Prada, Jason Wu, Jason Wu and Mulberry.


Monday's outfit. An attitude look. Sun was great for photographing yesterday again and this is the result. Isn't my photographer getting better? I think so, thank you so much for your patience Adde! What do you think of my new hat? You can find it in H&M right now.
Like the outfit? Click on like =)!! Thank you!
Gårdagens outfit. Solen var underbar igår, perfekt för att knäppa några bilder. Det här är resultatet.
Gillar ni den? Klicka på Like då =) Tack!
Everything H&M except for shoes-Nelly.


Sunaday's outfit at Tjolöholm's Castle (near Gothenburg). A little mix in between equestrian and rock girl. Like?
I söndags besökte vi (Andreas, Zuly, Ola och jag) Tjolöholms slott nära Göteborg. Det var häftigt och det bästa var att solen sken och dagen var underbar.
Leather jacket and trousers-Zara, stiped t-shirt KappAhl and shoes-Nelly.


SUNO is a Kenya inspired brand. Its creator collected for years fabrics from this country and then decided to create a fashion brand inspired on those patterns, colors, etc. The majority of their collections are even produced in Kenya. I find it different and refreshing. Here are three looks from the spring/summer 2011 collection I have selected to share some inspiration. Do you like them?
SUNO är ett modemärke som inspireras i landet Kenya. Kreatören av märket samlade tygg från landet under 10 år och sen bestämde han sig för att designa med detta som inpiration. Det mesta av kollektionerna tillverkas i Kenya. Jag har valt tre looks från s/s 2011s kollektion. Gillar ni dem?

Those socks!

On saturday it was packed in the city. Didn't see much fashionista-material though. This guy was so cool with his colorful socks. The shoes and the rolled up pants completed it all. Great style!


Saturday's outfit. Trousers and blue tee from H&M, trench coat-Zara and metallic shoes from MNG
Me and my adorable dog Chips! Isn't he a piece of eye candy?
What an adorable day it was on Saturday, it felt like swedish summer already (under the sun , that is). I was born to have sun around me!!! Have you all had a good weekend?


Friday's outfit. Weekend started and the sun let us know spring was FINALLY here!!!! I was HAPPY!
Dress-MNG, shoes-Nelly, purse-Gin Tricot & Coat-Zara


Thursday's Outfit!
Shirt-H&M, Skirt-gift from mom, shoes-don't remember and blazer H&M, purse-ALDO


Wednesday's outfit.
Pants-Monki, Sweater-Lindex, Cape-jacket--Zara


"THE May issue of Vogue provides, as Alexandra Shulman puts it in her editor's letter, a "delicious confection of all things matrimonial" - in honour of the upcoming royal wedding."reports Vogue news. This is the first multi-cover edition in British Vogue's 95-year history. They are all photographed by Mario Testino, the official photographer for the royal wedding, THE wedding of the year. Here are some images from the edition and two of the three covers. They come from Stylecaster. Doesn't this preview look great? (I have to accept I get butterflies in my stomach thinking about weddings as I am planning mine too, cannot wait to get a hold of this issue).

Spring Wishes

These are my wishes for the near future. Missing some colors in the wardrobe still, even though there is no sign of any spring at all in Göteborg. I still want to make myself believe that I will need this for "spring".
De här är mina önskningar just nu. Även om det inte verkar som att våren någonsin kommer att komma till Göteborg vill jag tro att jag behöver allt detta till "våren". Vad tycks? Saknar jag något?

Silver shoes-Asos, green blazer-Zara, hot pink trousers & shirt-Zara, orange shorts-Asos, orange lipstick-YSL and hot pink lipstick-MAC. What do you think? Am I missing anything?


Hey everybody. I am now back from Sälen, from our ski weekend. I had a blast. The weather was quite bad so no outfit updates, sorry. Here are some images from the trip anyhow. Regarding fashion I just want to say that it is magnificent to see Swedes in the only environment where they feel free to wear as much color as they can. I saw some crazy but great combinations! This shouldn't only apply to skiing resorts I think =)

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