My selection of the Paul & Joe's  S/S 2011 collection . I think it cannot get more summer than this. The maxi skirts are gorgeous and a leather jacket or a blazer can always help to finish up a look perfectly. I think these looks are a good inspiration. Fresh and colorful, that's all I can think of now until spring is here!
Det här är mitt urval ifrån Paul & Joes S/S 2011 kollektion. Sommar kan inte beskrivas bättre, maxikjolarna är så coola och en skinnjacka eller en kavaj kan alltid slänga ihop en sommarlook. Tycker bara att de här är en bra inspiration inför sommaren. Har ni börjat köpa för säsongen?

How To Wear It

Hey, here is a look from Jil Sander which pretty much represents spring/summer 2011. Just some ideas on how to wear it. I particularly love the shoes and believe they can be very useful during the season, they come in other colors too.

TLC Tävling

Hej alla, vill bara tipsa om den här coola invigningsfesten som ni kan delta i genom att tävla här. Lycka till!

VIP-Shopping w/Elin K.

Finally here!!! The pics from the VIP-shopping. You can see the collection and the two pieces I like best, also a bit from the event. I had a blast, I think H&M did a great job with the food and wine they offered, the event was very well organized (even if Andreas believes that there were too many persons hahaha). Elin was such a nice person, so friendly, and it was nice to hear about the story of how the collection came to life.

Here are the 3 pieces I bought (since all the store had 20% sale haha). Getting ready for spring & summer. DO you like??
Love this one, I blogged about it before, finally got it! Also, when Elin saw I would buy it she told me she loved it too and would buy it herself, cool ;). Can't wait till it's warm enough to wear it!
When I left the house I told Andreas that the shop of the evening had to be something mint-colored, I feel like that will be my fave color this season. I found two things, a sweater and this t-shirt, I just liked the simplicity of this one and the combination of the two fabrics, which dresses it up a little bit. Also can't wait to wear it and see its color under the sunlight!


Yesterday´s outfit. T-shirt & trousers H&M, shoes Nelly.

Sneak Peak

Hey, just came back from the event, had an amazing time with wine, good food, and SHOPPING of course hahah! Here you have a little sneak peak of the night and of the shopping. Nite!!

Fly Away

Wow, I can barely believe my eyes, this feather-made accessory is just perfect! I want one, could I do one myself?? I will think about it, after all I am an industrial designer, there must be a way. If you get any idea let me know. I so want to have something similar for this summer! I found it in Sania's blog =)
OMG vill ha en sån till sommar!!!! Den är perfekt, ska fundera på något sätt att göra någonting liknande.


Outfit of the day (yesterday really). The one for today i will post later, still deciding what to wear for the VIP shopping w/ Elin Kling, hope I can decide soon. Later =)!!
Dagens outfit (från igår faktiskt). Den verkliga outfiten visar jag senare, kan inte bestämma än vad jag ska ha på mig till VIP shopping me Elin Kling. Vi hörs!!


Pants and sweater from Cubus, Hat and shoes from H&M

A Different Sort of Diamonds

Now that it is finally time to dust off the real shoes and put away the winter boots, I have been dreaming myself away to "shoe-land" and I happened to find it in Asos. They have such a varied and fulfilling selection of shoes just now. Here I have my dream selection. What do you think?? Have you thought of any pair you yourself like and that would like to give me a tip about? =)
Nu är det nästan dags att ta fram de verkliga skorna och gömma vinterstövlarna. Jag är så glad för det och drömmer varje dag om skorna som jag vill använda i vår och sommar. Asos har ett märkvärdigt sortiment just nu när det gäller skor. Här ser ni mitt urval. Vad tycker ni? Har ni köpt eller tänker köpa något specillt par som ni kan tipsa om?


Found the latest collection of a danish designer who is currently finishing her studies. She is called Julie Elienberger. My attention was very drawn to it, I believe it ha a nice study of shapes and colors. More info here.
Hittade sista kollektionen från dansk designer Julie Elienberger. Tycker att den är väldigt intressant, främst när det gäller former.

Elke Kramer

Read about this australian jewelry designer the other day. I became very curious about this resin-made accessories. They are just so beautiful, they almost look like toys but at the same time not haha, they are playful but in a fashionable way! =)
Läste häromdagen om en australiensisk smyckesdesigner som heter Elke Kramer. Kan inte tro på att jag aldrig hade hört talas om henne. Vilket otroligt smycke, det ser nästan ut som leksaker, så lekfula, men jag gillar verkligen det!

Gym Comeback

After the holidays many of us are returning to our weekly gym routine and many others are joining us as newcomers. I thought it would be helpful to select some pieces to this activity in a fashionable way but also thinking of good prices. Hope it can be helpful. My best wishes, I know it's not easy to get the courage to attend the gym as much as one wants, you can do it!!!
Nu är vi alla tillbaka till rutinen efter julen. Några av oss börjar gå till gymmet igen och andra ansluter för första gången. Jag tänkte att det skulle vara bra att välja några plagg för att också kunna vara fashionable på gymet men till ett bra pris. Hoppas att de hjälper, kom igen nu, träna dem där kropparna till sommaren!

Fashion East

"Fashion East is a pioneering non-profit initiative established by the Old Truman Brewery in 2000 to nurture emerging young designers through the difficult early stages of their career. It receives sponsorship funding from Topshop, TOPMAN and The London Development Agency." More info here. Here are some pieces of the collections from some of the designers who have been chosen lately. Amazing new talent, my personal favorite is Simone Rocha with the see-through parts and garments. So clean, so different, so minimal.
Här kan ni se några plagg från kollektionerna av "Fashion East" (ni kan läsa lite mer om det här uppe på engelska) .
Elliot Atkinson SS2011
Felicity Brown SS2011
Simone Rocha SS2011

Årets Svenska Designer

Carin Rodebjer was chosen as the Swedish designer of the year. Here are some of her designs for the spring/summer collection. I believe the collection is great, even the accessories, look at that hat, completely stole my heart!
Igår var det Elle-galan och Carin Rodebjer var vald till årets designer. Här kan ni se några av hennes plagg från vår/sommar kollektionen. Jag gillar verkligen kollektionen, vad tycker ni??


Have just heard about a new spanish designer called Oihana Garaluce. Here are two images of her graduation project. The first one shows a replacement for the all famous fur coat, this one is made of hair. In the second one we can see two very different but special coats. I find them astonishing. What do you think??
Images (shot by Anabel Luna) here and more interesting projects at her webpage
Har precis läst om en spansk designer som heter Oihana Garaluce. Här kan ni se tre plagg från hennes examensprojekt. Den första visar en ny version av den välkänd pälsjacka, den är gjord av hår. Den andra visar två väldigt annorlunda men lika speciella jackor. Jag tycker att de är underbara. Vad tycker ni?

Proenza Schouler pre-Fall 2011

What a masterpiece! Proenza Schouler has done it again. I bet this will be onw of the collections that will definitely set the main trends of the season. Masculine shapes and a combination of dark and light tones. I am just mind blown by the jacket in photo #1, the addition of fur in the lower part of the piece is made in such a subtle and elegant way. I bet even a person who is not particularly keen on fur would like it! Enjoy!
Images from
Wow vilken kollektion. Jag kan tänka mig att den här kollektionen kommer säkert att vara en "trend-setter" för säsongen. Maskulina och minimala former samt en blandning av mörka och ljusa färger. Kavajen från första bilden är otrolig, tillskottet av päls är gjort så diskret och elegant. Bilderna från

V&R-Details S2011

Viktor&Rolfs's S2011 collection counts with a number of interesting details that can be very useful as season's inspiration. The shoes definitely leave a footprint this season, not just by presenting an unusual range of colors but also by introducing strong shapes. No need to mention how comfortable they seem, could walk around the city all day in those!
Viktor&Rolf's vårkollektion har många detaljer som kan användas som säsongens inspiration. Skorna är exceptionella och lämnar absolut sina spår i säsongen. Tunga former och starka färger karaktäriserar dem. De ser så sköna ut, kan säkert gå hela dagen i dem.


The outfit of the day. I really dream of wearing shorts and light colors already, so I decided to throw in a pair of light jean shorts. Shorts and tights from H&M, Sweater from Cubus, and t-shirt from Gina Tricot. The boots from the left picture are from Zara and shoes from the right picture are from H&M.
Jag drömmer redan om att kunna ha på mig shorts och ljusa färger. Det var därför jag idag hade ljusa jeans shorts på mig. Shorts och tights från H&M, tröja från Cubus, och t-shirt från Gina Tricot. Bootsen från bilden till vänster är från Zara och skorna från bilden till höger är från H&M.

Elin Kling for H&M

I know, every blog has the Elin's post at the moment but I want to share the pieces that I believe are the best ones. I would love to be able to get these four pieces, the silver blazer and the white shorts are my absolute favorites. I wonder what the prices are going to be, hope somehow accessible. Which one do you like??
Images found here

Spring Wish List 1

Wish list (the 1st one at least haha) for this spring. Cannot wait to wear those colors!
P.S. the shoes are Jeffrey Campbell

A Happy Girl

A happy girl, that is what I am. After coming back from Mora I decided to adventure into Zara and check out the sales. One never knows what can be hiding there, waiting for one to come. I found the most amazing cape coat ever. I fell in love with it instantly and had to have it. What do you think?? Like or not?
Jag kunde inte vara gladarae!! Efter att ha spederat julen och nyår i Mora kom vi tillbaka till verkligheten och jag fick bara lov att kolla Zaras rea. Titta vad jag hittade, den mest perfekta "cape-coaten" någonsin. Köpte den utan att tveka. Vad tycker ni??


Just an outfit from last friday. Was feeling in the "clean look" so I finished up the look with a tight ponytail, a black bow and white nails. Shirt, pants and hair bow from H&M.
Fredagsoutfit. Kändes som en dag för en stilren look. En stram hästsvans och de vita naglarna färdigställde outfiten. Tröja, byxor och hårrosett, allt från H&M.

It's a Boy!

Victoria's Secret's angel Miranda Kerr has just given birth to her first child, a boy. Orlando Bloom and Miranda married each other in july 2010 and are now the proud parents of a baby boy. He was delivered in Los Angeles hospital. Information and picture found here.
Miranda Kerr, som är en Victoria's Secret ängel, har just fött sitt första barn i Los Angels.

Random Outfit

Just a random outfit from the holidays in Mora
Bara en out fit, vilen som helst, en dag i Mora

A White World

I dream of going around in all white lately, but unfortunately, I do not own a gorgeous white coat to pull off the look with, so I dream myself away with the amazing "classic white shirt reinvention" of the season. Designers have done it again and I have fallen again. Soon I will be in the search of the perfect classic white shirt. So far so good, degrees are already starting to climb themselves up, oh yeah!! Cannot wait for spring to arrive! Here a little eye candy, I cannot resist the perfection of the Viktor&Rolf shirt, looks like it's made out of fondant. Enjoy!

Flawless Spring 2011

This coming spring a big fashion theme is mainly flawless and clean. Perfectly tailored pants, shirts AND tops, it is just remarkable. The cleanliness of it all is also something which defines the season. A little dress up for a change. The Cerruti collection totally inspired me, here are three pieces.
I vår är ett av modetemana perfektionismen, om man kan kalla det så. Perfekt skräddarsydda över- och underdelar styr många av kollektionerna under säsongen. Lite uppklätt för en gångs skull. Här har jag valt några delar ur Cerrutis vårkollektion.


For the christmas and end of tear holidays, me and my boy where up north in Mora to celebrate with his family, he comes from there. Temperatures where very low, for the most, which means that there was not much outdoors action haha, but there was some, it was fun. Here are some images.

Nu i julas åkte vi till Mora, där min pojkväns familj bor. Det var kallt men kul. Här kan ni se några bilder.
X-mas outfit. Shirt and shorts from Zara
My dog, Chips, was also wearing his new christmas outfit which came all the way from my family in Honduras.
New Years outfit, Shirt and necklace from H&M, Pants from Zara

Spring Inspiration

I have been away since forever! I know it!!!! :S X-mas, New Year... Had access to limited internet, but I'm back! Here some spring inspiration, I bet I am not the only one dreaming myself away to warmer days haha. Cannot wait to put those colors on :) Enjoy!

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