Versace Secret

When you read this I will probably be running around Copenhagen and interviewing Bottega Veneta's boutique manger for a case study, wish me luck! For now I will show you a little secret. Those who follow me on twitter already have a pretty good idea of what this is since I uploaded a (quite bad) picture when I bought it. Can you other ones guess? When I come back I will show you what I managed to get from the collection. Until then have a nice time everyone!

Fashion Week Honduras 2/4

Although part 1 was great we must continue. Today we talk about the last 3 shows of the first day. This section offered a mixture of menswear, jewelry and a newcomers. Sounds exciting? Have a look:
Hnos. Galeano
Photography: Nancy Allen
This line offers both womens- and menswear but their main focus is the second one, or at least as I perceive it. Brothers Daniel and Francisco Galeano presented this year a retro-vanguardism collection inspired in the 30s and 70s. The black/white dress was quite amazing, the highlight of the collection I believe. It is nice to see honduran designers venturing more to the extreme side of design. The menswear line was a good fusion between modern and latin, as it is important to consider that latin men have very different figures from those of the european men and that is why it is hard to achieve a modern or edgy look and yet keep it latin. Good job!
Photography: Nancy Allen
The brand Sofia-Sofia presented a selection of elegant and modern jewelry pieces which encapsulate honduran femininity at its best. Great to have a break to think about what to pair up all the clothes with.
Photography: Nancy Allen
Last but not least a newcomer took the stage and dazzled the audience. Palette is a new brand, founded by Cecilia Lopez and Melissa Valencia, which has come to rapidly earn its position in the honduran fashion industry. Soon we will present an interview with them here in My Little Wardrobe to learn a little more about them as they share how the brand was born. Coming soon, wait for it!
Their collection is characterized by chic elegance and I believe it is directed to young women who are not afraid to make a fashion statement but always keeping elegance in mind. The colors, materials and shapes all fall into place in a modern way and the show featuring a mime who did everything to get the models' attention was a creative way to present the playful collection. Congratulations and welcome to the Honduran Fashion industry Palette! Good collection!

Fashion Week Honduras 1/4

"Go BIG or go home!" like my adorable friend Gaby says. That is why this comeback is huge! Recently, Honduras celebrated its very own Fashion Week again and in my opinion it gets better every year. Still long way to go but getting better by the minute. This year I had the opportunity to collaborate with Fashion Week Honduras and My Little Wardrobe covered the entire event with the help of a very close friend but most importantly, a great photographer called Nancy Allen. Thank you Fashion Week Honduras an most specifically Fanne for all your support and for giving us this opportunity!
In this post I will take you to Honduras and we will have a look at the first three shows of the first day.
The day started with a dance show from the team in the dance school Patricia Paz.
Caroll Malloy
Photography: Nancy Allen
The opening fashion show was Caroll Malloy. She describes he line as "whimsical with sexual magnetism". The designer is born and raised in Miami but has roots in Honduras and this is her second time presenting a collection in Fashion Week Honduras.  In my opinion the collection was very structured and at the same time elegant and feminine. The theme rings some bells though...
Amber Drü
Photography: Nancy Allen
Amber presented her debut womenswear collection which was inspired in New York City (where she currently lives). The color palette used in the collection clearly resembles a NY feeling and it gives a modern, edgy mood to it all. The bold lining colors used to contrast the black and grey tones used in the garments give the collection a fun twist and show good finishes. Leather is of course big this season and that was a hit! All in all a consistent and good collection!
Tirso Rubio
Photography: Nancy Allen
If you are from Honduras and like fashion you know who he is. In my very humble opinion Tirso is a designer to keep an eye on. I was introduced to his designs last fashion week and I was completely blown away. Did I mention he is a self-taught designer?? This year he came back with his "Afterhours" collection which is born from the idea of the human being always wanting more. The collection is developed in the thought of the future, where, as the designer describes, we will live in between land and ocean, which is why blue is the main color in the collection. The ocean/land idea is also supported by the use of very contrasting materials and textures. I personally liked the denim skirts and the vests. I also like the use of accessories, they support what we have heard a lot for the 2011-2012 collections: "It's not which bag you're wearing, it's HOW you are wearing it!" Concluding: As a whole a very good collection with a consistent theme and as many mentioned, perfect finishes! Everything looked as it had been stitched by an angel, great on that side but also I believe sometimes less is better. Well done Tirso, you have won our heart once again!
Hope you have all enjoyed this introduction to the Fashion Week and keep our eyes open for the following posts.

Fashion School

These last days have been so exciting, so many new experiences and so many new and interesting persons. Here are some images from our fashionable school.
Promoting the Honduran Fashion! Today we had a group work and I presented the honduran fashion in a poster. So happy to tell my classmates about fashion in Honduran, many don't even know where Honduras is. Hope you like the poster! By it you can see the contrasting swedish fashion.
Here you can see a tiny bit of the worlshops in school, they are simply breathtaking, feels like the real deal, you forget you are in a school.
Today we had a fashion show with garnments prepared in some hours byt the students, some were really great, sprry for the bad quality, I didn't have my camera.

Kim's Dresses

It took no one for surprise that reality TV star Kim Kardashian selected Vera Wang as the designer of the gown for her upcoming wedding (Aug. 20). The Kardashian family has had a close relationship with the designer for long and it was an obvious selection. What nobody yet knows is what the dress will look like. Searching for this answer, famous wedding site,, requested several designers to sketch fantasy wedding dresses inspired by her style. These three are my favorites, they completely represent her glamurous and stylish self. I would wear any of them, would you?

Watters for Kim Kardashian:
Beautiful organza gown inspired in Old Hollywod and accentuating her fabulous curves.
Ines Di Santo (right)
Gown features a detachable train which leaves a short sexy dress for the reception. It includes cou-out details and embroidered Swarovski crystals. Glamour to its best!
Designer Don O'Neill for Theia (left)
Designer tells to "The details are extravagant and opulent, yet delicate, feminine, and sophisticated," "The lining is a pale pink that will show through from underneath just at the bottom of the skirt."
Don't they all represent her to perfection. Great suggestions but we are yet to be impressed by bridal gown guru Vera Wang!


Just wanted to recommend a fashion exhibition for those living here in Gothenburg. The design museum Röhsska is hosting it and it has many interesting items from different periods in time. Here are some images from when my sis and I visited it. Enjoy!

Your Art Here-H&M

H&M is hosting an art contest called Your Art Here. People show their art and the five selected winners will have their art printed in H&M t-shirts. It is looking good, Bran Boy is one of the judges. I found this one and I think it is quite good, plus it comes from an artist calls himself Edgartista Gonzalez who comes from Guatemala, which makes me wanna support it even more. Like it? Check the contest here.

Best of Met Ball

Last week the Met Ball was held and it was one of the best events (fashion-wise) of the year so far. The dresses were amazing. Since there were so many great dresses I decided not to select worst dressed since it would only be a waste of time. The king of the night was Alexander McQueen, many were wearing dresses from the house and they were all glowing. Take a look at this great outfits:
Color Fun

From left to right: Brooklyn Decker in Michael Kors, Ginnifer Goodwin in custom Topshop and Jennifer Lopez in Gucci

From left to right:Blake Lively in Chanel, Diane Kruger in Jason Wu and Shalom Harlow in Marchesa

Royal Colors

From left to right: Gisele Bundchen in Alexander McQueen and Lily Donaldson in Erdem

Show Stopping

Anna dello Russo in Alexander McQueen.
Förra veckan firades Met Ballen i New York. Kvällen var utan tvekan en av de bästa kvällarna inom mode detta år. Alla hade glamorösa klänningar och såg strålande ut. Många hade Alexander McQueens klänningar på sig och han var absolut kvällens kung. Gillar ni klänningarna?

The Royal Wedding

Wow, what a day, I was glued to the TV yesterday hahaha. What a beautiful wedding. Here are some images from Alexander McQueen by Sarah Burton the dress, best and worst dressed and even one of the 3 official images that have been released. Enjoy!
Alexander McQueen by Sarah Burton jaw dropping wedding dress
Alexander McQueen by Sarah Burton glamorous and stunning evening dress
The couple!
Pippa Middleton in her simple and beautiful Alexander McQueen by Sarah Burton dress and David&Vicoria were some of the best dresses.
Swedish throne princess Victoria and her husband Daniel. She was looking radiant, the color is great on her but I cannot help but notice that bump, I really wonder if she is pregnant, it looks like it! Another winner in the best dresses list is Princess Maxima from Netherlands. So chic and elegant.
Pippa shocking us again with her beauty. another Sarah Burton dress.
Now for he worst dressed were these two sisters. Princesses Eugenie (left) and Beatrice
Official Wedding image from
There you have it, hope you enjoyed this short summary of the Royal Wedding. Do you have any favorites?

Collection Against Fashion

H&M selected good causes to support, what they have done wrong this years re the collections themselves. As you can read in an earlier post, I did not appreciate the "Conscious Collection" from H&M but now the collection "Fashion Against Aids" is out and my disappointment is even bigger. The collection has anything but fashion in it if you ask me, there are very few things to save and they are accessories, not even clothes. Here you can see some pieces and the two pieces I save are the two bags (and the yellow one is a copy from Jil Sander's popular bag so... not much left to say haha). What do you think? Do you like the collection?

It's all About Business

Remember I told you about some big news? Well, I am so happy to share with you that i have been admitted to the University of Borås for the Master program of Fashion Management. I will be starting school in late August and I have so many plans. The blog and the program go hand in hand if you ask me so this can only get better! There you have it, hope there are more surprises to come in the near future.


I won a pattern-making course in a school called Tillskärarakademin here in Göteborg. You have no idea how excited I am, I will finally be able to experiment with making some clothes of my own. I do not know much about the course yet but as soon as I do I will let you know more. I also have some other good news but I will let you know later.
Jag vann en mönsterkonstruktionskurs hos Tillskärarakademin och jag är så glad över det. Kan inte vänta på att börja även om jag inte ens vet när den börjar eller hur det ska gå till. I alla fall jäte häftigt. Kommer att berätta mee när jag vet lite mer om allt. Någon som går på Tillskärarakademin eller som vet någon som går på den?

ADR Barbie

Anna dello Russo has done it, she has conquered one more world, the dolls' world. She now has an ADR Barbie. There are not many who can say that, great for her! And the barbie is gorgeous. If I had a daughter I would be out shopping it haha. Do you like it or is it too much? Pics from her twitter post.

UN-Conscious Collection

I know H&M's Conscious Collection is in everyone's mouth and I will probably be the biggest grinch in the fashion world for this post, but well, if that is the price for free speech bring it on. Yesterday the collection launched and I happened to be downtown so I checked it out. My opinion: bad quality clothes with an excuse!

I understand that these fabrics are a special kind but that gives no reason to not use lining in garments that are basically see through, that is just cheap. I mean it is not Beach-Conscious Collection... I didn't understand how one is supposed to wear those clothes. Apart from that, the collection is not even a delight to the eye. The pieces really seem like the most basic and non-stylish pieces in a wardrobe. Of course there are like 2 or 3 exceptions, like the dress I show here, but I do not understand what all the fuzz is about this collection, and I am a "greenie" myself, I support and promote everything eco-friendly.
Is it just me out here or does somebody happens to agree?!!???!


"THE May issue of Vogue provides, as Alexandra Shulman puts it in her editor's letter, a "delicious confection of all things matrimonial" - in honour of the upcoming royal wedding."reports Vogue news. This is the first multi-cover edition in British Vogue's 95-year history. They are all photographed by Mario Testino, the official photographer for the royal wedding, THE wedding of the year. Here are some images from the edition and two of the three covers. They come from Stylecaster. Doesn't this preview look great? (I have to accept I get butterflies in my stomach thinking about weddings as I am planning mine too, cannot wait to get a hold of this issue).


Hey everybody. I am now back from Sälen, from our ski weekend. I had a blast. The weather was quite bad so no outfit updates, sorry. Here are some images from the trip anyhow. Regarding fashion I just want to say that it is magnificent to see Swedes in the only environment where they feel free to wear as much color as they can. I saw some crazy but great combinations! This shouldn't only apply to skiing resorts I think =)


Sorry I have been absent for a day. I have come to Sälen, to a ski resort with Andreas's family. We will spend the weekend skiing, I will do my best to upload some outfits, one never knows, when we are so many everything happens spontaneously.
Have a great weekend you all!


Today I got the first edition of STYLEBY magazine, from Elin Kling. I cannot wait to devour it, I bet Elin and her team have made a great job! My guess is this magazine will become pretty big. We'll see...
Idag fick jag första nummret av STYLEBY (av Elin Kling). Kan knappt bärga mig med att läsa. Jag slår vad om att Elin och hennes team har gjort ett bra jobb. Jag gissar att den här tidningen kommer att bli STOR! Vi får se... Vad tror du?


This weekend was a gastronomic weekend. In case I haven't told you, I have a chef at home (not a graduated chef but I believe he is just as good or better). All weekend was full of delicious food and it was full of relaxation. Here´s what we had.

Surprise 1 is here!

Ok, yesterday I talked about a surprise that arrived, it was not the ANVE bag, it was my new camera!!! I am ecstatic, cannot wait to learn all about it and photograph absolutely everything haha. I think this will be a great upgrade for the blog. I hope you enjoy the pictures even more from now on. Thank you for reading!
Igår pratade jag om något som kom från posten. Det var inte väskan, det var min nya kamera!!!! Jag är hur glad som helst!!! Bilderna kommer att bli mycket bättre nu. Tack för att ni följer mig!

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