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It took no one for surprise that reality TV star Kim Kardashian selected Vera Wang as the designer of the gown for her upcoming wedding (Aug. 20). The Kardashian family has had a close relationship with the designer for long and it was an obvious selection. What nobody yet knows is what the dress will look like. Searching for this answer, famous wedding site,, requested several designers to sketch fantasy wedding dresses inspired by her style. These three are my favorites, they completely represent her glamurous and stylish self. I would wear any of them, would you?

Watters for Kim Kardashian:
Beautiful organza gown inspired in Old Hollywod and accentuating her fabulous curves.
Ines Di Santo (right)
Gown features a detachable train which leaves a short sexy dress for the reception. It includes cou-out details and embroidered Swarovski crystals. Glamour to its best!
Designer Don O'Neill for Theia (left)
Designer tells to "The details are extravagant and opulent, yet delicate, feminine, and sophisticated," "The lining is a pale pink that will show through from underneath just at the bottom of the skirt."
Don't they all represent her to perfection. Great suggestions but we are yet to be impressed by bridal gown guru Vera Wang!

Postat av: Fernanda Caceres

i would totally wear the Ines Di Santo design. i think is gorgeous :)

2011-08-18 @ 06:03:04

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