Best of London FW

London fashion week (spring/summer 2012) is on, after NY Fashion Week and I cannot help but notice the differences between the two. I believe London FW has been so much better, design wise. It has offered much better design and in general a better Fashion Week. This only raises the expectations for Paris and Milan. Here are some images from what I consider to be the best of the week so far.
(l-r) Antonio Berardi & Peter Pilotto
(l-r) Burberry Prorsum & Osman
(l-r) Todd Lynn & Michael van der Ham
P.S. Excuse the lack of posting but I have currently no access to photoshop, which makes it kind of impossible to blog (with quality at least). Doing all in my power to solve this. Thank you for reading!


(l-r) Stella McCartney in Bolero Magazine, september edition, Stella McCartney a/w 2011 collection.
We all like to be right, isn't that true? Well, if you want to be right this season you will probably get something with a dotted pattern as it is one of the strongest trends of the season. For me it is all about dotted+sheer fabrics as we can see in Stella McCartney's collection or about a dotted pattern with strong, contrasting colors like we can see more in Marc Jacobs. I have been searching for something like this in the last weeks but have not been successful in it, any suggestions are appreciated! =) I bet some store will have something similar as more of the fall and winter collections arrive.
(l-r) David Koma, DVF, Marc Jacobs, Katie Holmes in Stella McCartney for Vogue and Stella McCartney again for Vogue Russia, september issue.
(l-r) vogue Japan, detail on Marc Jacobs's a/w 2011 collection and campaign for Stella McCartney
(l-r) Interview magazine september issue and Gucci a/w 2011 collection
Do you like this trend or have any opinions on it?


Are you looking for a future collector piece? Look no further, Givenchy's printed scarves for fall/winter season 2011 are not only a must for the season but also considered to be future collector pieces. The prints are based in the panther print for the ready to wear collection. The collection itself has prints from panthers, bears and other animals but also a special combination in between plants, purple flowers and golden items. Not traditional combinations but they have been a hit. In my opinion, if you can make anything with those prints look sexy you rule! I would SO wear these pieces, specially the first look from left to right with the see-through skirt, it is so sexy but nerdy at the same time. Love it! Anyone agrees?
Hope you have had a great weekend!
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Latest outfit. Weather change and school are the main reasons I haven't been able to have as many outfit pic lately. Promise I will work on it. What do you think of my cape? Hadn't showed it to you, got it for very little money in the summer Nelly outlet in Borås this summer. It is comfortable and warm!
Have a nice weekend!
Senaste outfiten. Pga. vädret och skolan har jag inte haft så många outfit inlägg på sistone men jag lovar att jag vill försöka förbättra det. Hade inte visat min kappa, köpte den på Nellys sommaroutlet, en riktig deal! Vad tycks?
Ha en trevlig helg allihop!, t-shirt H&M, pants-bikbok and boots-Zara

New In 2

As I mentioned yesterday, two new pieces have been recently received into my closet for autumn. Piece number two is a pair of leather look-alike leggings. The fit perfectly and match absolutely EVERYTHING! Basic, basic, basic. Next in line is another pair of pants but this time orange, red or green and in another fabric. Will post my current wishlist soon.

Like or dislike? Highly recommended to anyone, they are just basic for autumn and winter seasons.
P.S. Has anyone visited Zara lately, it is like fabrics jackpot! So many sorts of fabric this season, love it!
Thank you for reading!

New In

Autumn is all over and the closet needs some update. Had a look at Zara the other day and  I wanted to take the entire store home (no surprise there). Even though that clearly didn't happen haha, I took two pieces home which I believe will be an important part of the wardrobe this season. This top is one of them. Have been talking non-stop about the "caricature shapes" and it was about time to get a piece of my own. The metallic thread is just fantastic and it makes the pieces very versatile (for day as well as for evening).
Any thoughts? Has anyone had a look at Zara lately and is desiring something specific? Will post soon about this season's must-know-about trends in case you are also updating your closet.

Thomas Sabo

This weekend my bf and I celebrated our 6th anniversary (ouch sounds like A LOT). As adorable as he usually is, he got me something he knew I have been wanting for a while now, a charm bracelet. I have been wanting one for a long time now but when we were in Paris (march) for his b-day he bought me an eiffel tower charm and since then I have been saying I will get one for real. It is gorgeous! Cannot wait to start filling it up, I have established to get a new charm for every new big thing in my life. Like now one representing my master degree in fashion management, when I get a job after graduating...hopefully haha or when we get married, etc.
What do you think? Isn't in perfect? Does any of you also collect charms?
Den här helgen firade jag och min pojkvän 6 år tillsammans (oj vad det låter mycket). Han vet vad jag gillar och vad jag vill och den här gången var det inget undantag. Jag fick ett charm bracelet som jag velat ha länge nu. Är det inte fint? Jag älskar det och kan inte vänta på att börja fylla det. Har bestämmt att köpa en berlock för varje stor grej i mitt liv, som min magister, ett jobb, brölloppet, osv.
Har någon av er ett charm bracelet själv som ni jobbar på att fylla?

Living up to Expectations

Jil Sander left a very hig bar with his spring/summer 2011 collection. It was THE collection of the season and nobody could wait to see what was coming after that. The autumn collection had nothing to envy from the summer one, total hit! Its' shapes are being reproduced by all the budget fashion brands now and there is no better proof for success. As I wrote in a previous post, caricucature/bubble shapes rule the season! Isn't this red top/jacket perfect? I cannot think of a piece I desire more this season. Ejoy!
Pics from and Harper's Bazaar Australia Spetember issue fromtrendland.

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