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London fashion week (spring/summer 2012) is on, after NY Fashion Week and I cannot help but notice the differences between the two. I believe London FW has been so much better, design wise. It has offered much better design and in general a better Fashion Week. This only raises the expectations for Paris and Milan. Here are some images from what I consider to be the best of the week so far.
(l-r) Antonio Berardi & Peter Pilotto
(l-r) Burberry Prorsum & Osman
(l-r) Todd Lynn & Michael van der Ham
P.S. Excuse the lack of posting but I have currently no access to photoshop, which makes it kind of impossible to blog (with quality at least). Doing all in my power to solve this. Thank you for reading!


(l-r) Stella McCartney in Bolero Magazine, september edition, Stella McCartney a/w 2011 collection.
We all like to be right, isn't that true? Well, if you want to be right this season you will probably get something with a dotted pattern as it is one of the strongest trends of the season. For me it is all about dotted+sheer fabrics as we can see in Stella McCartney's collection or about a dotted pattern with strong, contrasting colors like we can see more in Marc Jacobs. I have been searching for something like this in the last weeks but have not been successful in it, any suggestions are appreciated! =) I bet some store will have something similar as more of the fall and winter collections arrive.
(l-r) David Koma, DVF, Marc Jacobs, Katie Holmes in Stella McCartney for Vogue and Stella McCartney again for Vogue Russia, september issue.
(l-r) vogue Japan, detail on Marc Jacobs's a/w 2011 collection and campaign for Stella McCartney
(l-r) Interview magazine september issue and Gucci a/w 2011 collection
Do you like this trend or have any opinions on it?


Are you looking for a future collector piece? Look no further, Givenchy's printed scarves for fall/winter season 2011 are not only a must for the season but also considered to be future collector pieces. The prints are based in the panther print for the ready to wear collection. The collection itself has prints from panthers, bears and other animals but also a special combination in between plants, purple flowers and golden items. Not traditional combinations but they have been a hit. In my opinion, if you can make anything with those prints look sexy you rule! I would SO wear these pieces, specially the first look from left to right with the see-through skirt, it is so sexy but nerdy at the same time. Love it! Anyone agrees?
Hope you have had a great weekend!
Images from and

Living up to Expectations

Jil Sander left a very hig bar with his spring/summer 2011 collection. It was THE collection of the season and nobody could wait to see what was coming after that. The autumn collection had nothing to envy from the summer one, total hit! Its' shapes are being reproduced by all the budget fashion brands now and there is no better proof for success. As I wrote in a previous post, caricucature/bubble shapes rule the season! Isn't this red top/jacket perfect? I cannot think of a piece I desire more this season. Ejoy!
Pics from and Harper's Bazaar Australia Spetember issue fromtrendland.

Caricature Shapes

It is time to receive a complete new season and for that we need the trends that will keep us, as we love, one step ahead. An interesting trend for this season is the one I call "caricature shapes" because it just seems like shirts and dresses which are drawn ove the body, they are so still and spacey (those two usually never come together when one refers to fabrics), an effect acquired by the use of neoprene-like fabrics. Here are some options from H&M and Zara to wear this trend. I haven't tried on any of these but will do, how about you, like the trend or not your thing?
Images:, nordistricts and filippas.

MBFWStockholm 2

To complete the Stockholm Fashion Week report, here comes Rodebjer, Nhu Dhuong and Whyred.  great week if you ask, stockholm fashion week continues getting better with time I believe. me but I wonder what you liked and disliked?

Thoughts of life in a metropolitan night. The colors are fantastic and they bring a relaxed summer to us, with lose yet chic shapes. Rodebjer is one of my favorite swedish fashion houses and this season was no exception.

Nhu Duong
Sporty but classy unusual materials. Swedish minimalism is perfectly represented in this collection and again we see a sporty air to it as we saw in altewai.saome and hernández cortes. I see that as one of the big trends for the season. Are you up for an adventurous summer next year?

A reduced range of base colors creates a 60's inspired masculine preppy-femininity. Lose figures are also a repeated feature for the season but that doesn't for a second allows sloppiness to take a stand on the runway.
There you go. Thank you Stockholm for a great show, now we pass the torch to New York, always in our hearts and next in line for Fashion Weeks' season!

MBFWStockholm 1

Fashion Weeks world tour has begun and it did it in Scandinavia. This week it was Stockholm who held the spring/summer 2012 shows. This is one of the two posts in which I will sum up the events of the week for you all. Here goes:

As described in the Mercedes Benz Fashion week site, " the collection mixes heavy embroidery with sporty cuts that makes the clothes useful for work as well as late nights out". Definitely my favorite collection of the entire week. So fresh!
Hernandez Cornet:
Minimalistic to the bone with inspiration from nature. This collection also had a sporty feeling to it. To me this is real scandinavian design. Not my type but many can certainly make this work.

A neon explosion in some way. "Inspired by relaxed Moroccan lifestyle", "tailored for the modern vagabod". Nothing new in my opinion but great for a relaxed style.
Ida Sjöstedt:
Femenine and lusty. A painful, passionate love comes to mind. This is definitely a night out-collection or even a bedroom collection. Ida never ceases to impress us, we should never know what to expect from her and that's why she gets points from me, more than for the fashion itself.
There you go? What are your thoughts? Can't wait to see how these collections compare with the ones from the following fashion weeks (paris, milan, etc...)
Sources: MBFWStockholm and to watch the collections in videos visit this page.

Fall Couture

My bridal fever gives me even more reasons to appreciate and love the couture collections. These are some highlights from the latest fall couture collection. The mood is definitely dreamy. The light fabrics, the flow and of course the details. These dresses can make anyone feel like an angel. What do you say?

Resort 2011 Inspiration

Where I live we are still only dreaming about warm degrees so as I dream I decided to inspire mysled and all of you with outfits from some resort 2011 collections. I feel like wearing all of them, one each day of the week next week haha. Enjoy! It's almost weekend yey!
Bara några inspirationsbilder från olika resort 2011 kollektioner. Jag vill bära alla dessa looks! En till varje dag av veckan nästa vecka haha.


Just wanted to give you a tip on these gorgeous shoes. They come from Steve Madden and they are available for pre-order at the moment. They are a dream!

May Projects

It was a non-upload weekend I know, but well, here I am, back with the update on my projects. I have finished the handbag, take a look, do you like it? A tough touch on it, I think it came out quite good.

Now I will do something (still haven't decided exactly what) with this blazer which my bf had and he says he got it from his father long ago, so... some sort of heirloom I guess haha but I will modernize it and make it girl-appropriate. I also have several designs I did some time ago and now that I know I can use the sewing machine I plan to give it a try. Here are the sketches for some of them. Don't know which one to start with though.
Have  great week!
Det blev ingen post under helgen, ursäkta men nu är jag tillbaka med några updates. Jag är klar med handväskan som jag prylade lite med nitar. Tycker ni att del blev bra? Jag gillar den, lite tuffare, vilket är bra eftersom jag använder den ganska mycket.
Nu ska jag arbeta lite med den här blazern som min pojkvän gav mig och han fick den av sin pappa för länge se. Intressant tycker jag, för se hur den blir. För ett tag sedan skissade jag några olika desigs och nu när jag har provat symaskinen och att vi blev vänninor vet jag att det är dags att försöka göra dem. Vet inte än vilken jag vill börja med då, den lättaste... haha. Jag berättar så fort jag börjar med en av dem.
Ha en bra vecka nu!


Hey! So I told you about my sewing projects. I finished my vest today and here it is. I know it's out there but well, I like to turn some looks! What do you think? Think it is the first time I ever use a sewing machine, I think it went quite well. Now I am also "blinging" my purse. Turned out to be a little harder than I thought and had to request the help of my hammer, but it's going good. What do you think? I will fill the entire bottom part of it. I will show you when it's done.
Hej! Jag berättade igår om syprojektet som jag håller med på just nu. Västen är klar och den är här. Vad tycks? Lite "out there" men jag gillar det så där. Det gick väl bra eller hur? Tänk på att jag aldrig hade jobbat med en symaskin innan. Jag har också börjat med att pryla min handväska. Det går bra men lite svårare än jag trodde. Gillar ni vad jag gör med den? Kommer att visa den när den är klar.

Feeling (Electric) Blue

Beauty post today! I felt like wearing blue eye shadow today, festive... it's friday! Meeting a friend for drinks and then out for dinner with my boy. Outfit shots will hopefully come tomorrow. Have a great weekend.
Thank you for reading!


I want these ones!!! How amazing are they? They come from Jessica Simpson's shoe collection. I want to buy them but my search indicates it will be impossible. Found other colors but not the color blocked ones. If any of you has any tips, let me know. Thank you!
Jag vill ha!!! Är de inte grymma? Åhh jag älskar dem och vill ha dem men det verkar som att de inte finns någonstans.

Decision Making

I went to Zara today to shop the striped skirt in the pic. but turned out they didn't have size S, and I visited two stores, boohoo...! While I looked around I found this beautiful pink skirt and it all became  a mind game where I was lost in the decision of either buying a bigger size for the striped one (which I would have to sew to fix and it didn't feel completely right on) or buying the pink one, so I decided to take the pink one. I plan to use it with tees to tone it down a bit. Was it a good decision?
Besökte Zara idag för att köpa den randiga kjolen på bilden men de hade inte min storlek =(. Hittade också den rosa kjolen och gillade den mycket. Det var svårt att bestämma om det var bättre att köpa den randiga som skulle behöva sys lite för att passa mig eller den rosa. Jag köpte den rosa till slut, gjorde jag rätt?

Pantone 5

All in one, that is our theme for the day. This is not a look that everybody likes nor one which everybody can wear. One has to know how to mix to not look like a clown. Try it, it's fun! My favorite ones are the one from Erdem and the one from Prada, furthest to the right.
Designers and brands from left to right:
Missoni, Forever21, Prada, Versace, Erdem and Prada

Pantone 4

Continuing with the color posts, today we have "floral" as a theme. Great for spring and summer, floral is never wrong, as long as it is COLORFUL (sis, you know what I mean by these capitals). Here are some images to inspire you.
Designer from left to right:
D&G, Douglas Hannant, D&G, Erdem, Jil Sander, Milly, Michael Kors, D&G and Milly


Take a look at these. Wow, there is not much more to say. I so want them. They are 799 SEK in Zara. Aren't they just great? Birthday gift ideas for those who are wondering what I want haha.
Hope you all had a happy easter, now to get back on track. Have a great week!

Pantone 3

The color combination of the day is yellow/orange. These are two of my absolute favorite colors for the season. They are so playful and not everyone can wear a full-yellow-or-orange outfit, they are definitely not the easiest colors to wear. That is one of the reasons why I like them, because one has to be a little more creative to come out with something good. What about you? Do you like wearing these colors?
Designers from left to right:
Versace, Proenza Schouler, Emilio Pucci, Prada, Jil Sander, MaxMare(down), Lanvin(up), Emilio de la Morena, Iceberg and MaxMara



This is it, this is what I got yesterday. Found this amazing Jil Sander look-alike at Zara. How perfect is the color. I cannot wait to use it. Like it??
Det här är vad jag köpte igår. En Jil Sander look-alike  kjol. Det perfekta signaturplagget för sösongen. Gillar ni den?

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