MBFWStockholm 2

To complete the Stockholm Fashion Week report, here comes Rodebjer, Nhu Dhuong and Whyred.  great week if you ask, stockholm fashion week continues getting better with time I believe. me but I wonder what you liked and disliked?

Thoughts of life in a metropolitan night. The colors are fantastic and they bring a relaxed summer to us, with lose yet chic shapes. Rodebjer is one of my favorite swedish fashion houses and this season was no exception.

Nhu Duong
Sporty but classy unusual materials. Swedish minimalism is perfectly represented in this collection and again we see a sporty air to it as we saw in altewai.saome and hernández cortes. I see that as one of the big trends for the season. Are you up for an adventurous summer next year?

A reduced range of base colors creates a 60's inspired masculine preppy-femininity. Lose figures are also a repeated feature for the season but that doesn't for a second allows sloppiness to take a stand on the runway.
There you go. Thank you Stockholm for a great show, now we pass the torch to New York, always in our hearts and next in line for Fashion Weeks' season!


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