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Fashion Weeks world tour has begun and it did it in Scandinavia. This week it was Stockholm who held the spring/summer 2012 shows. This is one of the two posts in which I will sum up the events of the week for you all. Here goes:

As described in the Mercedes Benz Fashion week site, " the collection mixes heavy embroidery with sporty cuts that makes the clothes useful for work as well as late nights out". Definitely my favorite collection of the entire week. So fresh!
Hernandez Cornet:
Minimalistic to the bone with inspiration from nature. This collection also had a sporty feeling to it. To me this is real scandinavian design. Not my type but many can certainly make this work.

A neon explosion in some way. "Inspired by relaxed Moroccan lifestyle", "tailored for the modern vagabod". Nothing new in my opinion but great for a relaxed style.
Ida Sjöstedt:
Femenine and lusty. A painful, passionate love comes to mind. This is definitely a night out-collection or even a bedroom collection. Ida never ceases to impress us, we should never know what to expect from her and that's why she gets points from me, more than for the fashion itself.
There you go? What are your thoughts? Can't wait to see how these collections compare with the ones from the following fashion weeks (paris, milan, etc...)
Sources: MBFWStockholm and to watch the collections in videos visit this page.


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