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Autumn is all over and the closet needs some update. Had a look at Zara the other day and  I wanted to take the entire store home (no surprise there). Even though that clearly didn't happen haha, I took two pieces home which I believe will be an important part of the wardrobe this season. This top is one of them. Have been talking non-stop about the "caricature shapes" and it was about time to get a piece of my own. The metallic thread is just fantastic and it makes the pieces very versatile (for day as well as for evening).
Any thoughts? Has anyone had a look at Zara lately and is desiring something specific? Will post soon about this season's must-know-about trends in case you are also updating your closet.

Postat av: Sara

Love this one! Like the squared shape :)

2011-09-10 @ 19:28:05

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