Sheer School--Day 1

As many are aware of, sheer is a strong trend this season. Many have no idea how to make this trend work or wouldn't ever DARE to even think of wearing see-through clothes!! Who in the world wears that they think? If you are one of those or if you simply want to know how to wear sheer pieces in a fashionable way, itçs great you are reading this. Today I will start my 3 day course of how to wear sheer. The level are:
1. Conservative
2. Somewhere in Between
3. Daring
Today we will study "Conservative", so pay attention:
Shirt-Monki, Pink skirt- H&M, OPI nail polish, black ring and both bras- H&M (you can wear either, if you are the most conservative type, use black to blend it in with shirt), black shoes- Asos and Necklace H&M.
What do you think? Are you the conservative kind and would wear this or never in a million years? Hope it is helpful. Stay tuned because tomorrow we move on to lesson number 2, "Somewhere in Between".
Thank you for reading!

Postat av: ELIN

så fint!

2011-03-16 @ 20:30:43

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