Fashion Week Honduras 2/4

Although part 1 was great we must continue. Today we talk about the last 3 shows of the first day. This section offered a mixture of menswear, jewelry and a newcomers. Sounds exciting? Have a look:
Hnos. Galeano
Photography: Nancy Allen
This line offers both womens- and menswear but their main focus is the second one, or at least as I perceive it. Brothers Daniel and Francisco Galeano presented this year a retro-vanguardism collection inspired in the 30s and 70s. The black/white dress was quite amazing, the highlight of the collection I believe. It is nice to see honduran designers venturing more to the extreme side of design. The menswear line was a good fusion between modern and latin, as it is important to consider that latin men have very different figures from those of the european men and that is why it is hard to achieve a modern or edgy look and yet keep it latin. Good job!
Photography: Nancy Allen
The brand Sofia-Sofia presented a selection of elegant and modern jewelry pieces which encapsulate honduran femininity at its best. Great to have a break to think about what to pair up all the clothes with.
Photography: Nancy Allen
Last but not least a newcomer took the stage and dazzled the audience. Palette is a new brand, founded by Cecilia Lopez and Melissa Valencia, which has come to rapidly earn its position in the honduran fashion industry. Soon we will present an interview with them here in My Little Wardrobe to learn a little more about them as they share how the brand was born. Coming soon, wait for it!
Their collection is characterized by chic elegance and I believe it is directed to young women who are not afraid to make a fashion statement but always keeping elegance in mind. The colors, materials and shapes all fall into place in a modern way and the show featuring a mime who did everything to get the models' attention was a creative way to present the playful collection. Congratulations and welcome to the Honduran Fashion industry Palette! Good collection!

Postat av: Fernanda Caceres

Me encanta ver como cada an;o FWH mejora, gracias por mantenernos informadas

2011-11-18 @ 19:57:03

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