Tomorrow I will probably buy my camera, finally! But I am now doubting between the EOS 1000D and the 500D. So complicated really. Have to make my mind up since I want to have it for the secret trip (march 18). Will let you know what I decide.
Please feel free to advice me if you know about cameras, I know the 500 is better but my doubt is if the 1000 (without IS) is good enough. Tips would be very appreciated.
Have a great weekend!


Check out this cool fashion/art from  product designer Amila Hrustic. Lady Gaga-ish but a little more wearable I dare to say. Do you like? Would you wear?

Vero Moda - Tävling

Hej! Det finns en tävling just nu som Vero Moda ordnar. För att tävla måste man välja ut och fotografera en outfit med kläder från Vero Moda. Kolla tävlingen här. Jag vill tävla och här har ni min outfit och min motivering till varför just jag ska vinna:

Min motivering: Jag tycker att jag förtjänar att vinna, främst för att jag tycker att min outfit är stilig och grym, men alla har olika stilar och det beror på vad man gillar. Jag tycker också att jag borde vinna eftersom jag brinner för mode och det här vore en möjlighet att kunna verkligen välja vad jag vill ha, inte bara vad som är billigast (som nästa alltid). Det vore också en möjlighet att göra lite styling själv, vilket jag älskar. I alla fall hoppas jag att ni gillar looken och att ni väljer mig,ni skulle göra en liten tjej välgigt glad! Tack!

Take Me There!

Got an invitation to the release of GANT'S first women-wear collection in Stockholm. The collection will be introduced and guests will be invited to drink, eat, mingle and even shop (the collection). The bad part: it's in Stockholm :S. Checked some tickets to go but they are expensive. So disappointed!!! I would really like to be there.
Fick inbjudan till GANTs första tjejkollektions lansering. Skulle älska att vara med men det är i Stockholm :S och det blir för dyrt att åka. Oh vilket coolt event det kommer att vara, jag är så ledsen.

Wall Decor

I know the images could be better but it's the best I can do with my camera.
I selected some images from some of my favorite fashion illustrators and used them to decorate my bedroom. They are part of the hat display, I hope both displays will grow with time. Something you can all do, it was quite simple. Do you think it is a good decor or do you have any tips to make it better? THanx!
You can check some illustrator that I like:

Miminne, Montana Forbes and Nadia Flower

Jag valde några bilder från en del av mina favorita mode illustratörer och använde dem för att inreda mitt sovrum. Det var lätt att göra, ni kan prova något liknande själva. Mina kompletterades med en hattdisplay, hoppas bådeden hattdisplayen samt bilddisplayen kommer att utvecklas med tiden. Gillar ni inredningen eller har ni någon förslag för att förbättra den?
Tre av illustratorerna som jag gillar heter: Miminne, Montana Forbes and Nadia Flower

Happy Valentine's

Original Video - More videos at TinyPic
Hello everybody. For this special day I have created this special video to inspire on the mood of it all. Andreas and I are celebrating it here at home for example. For those who are doing the same or plan to pre-celebrate at home, here are some cocktails appropriate for today! Also little inspiration in looks that you could have for a date or to celebrate with your friends... Here you can get the recipes for the cocktails!
Hope you like it, my first video for the blog.
P.S. sorry for the quality but otherwise it gets impossible to upload and I am tight with time just now
Have an amazing Valentine's Day!

HELP--Which ones??

Hey everybody, I need some help fast!!=) Which ones do you like more?? Tell me which ones in a comment. Thanxxxx a lot!
Vilka gillar ni mest??? Tusen tack för hjälpen! (vill köpa ett par från Nelly, ett bra tips till er också!)

To Come...

Hey everybody, I've been meaning to post my review from Stockholm Fashion Week but today, again, I have no time to do it. Just letting you know it's coming. Wait for it tomorrow. Tonight Andreas & I are going to a Brazilian party, my mouth is drooling already think about the caipirinhas!! Will try to shoot some outfit pics. See you tomorrow!
Hej! Jag vill verkligen skriva min review om SFW men jag hinner inte idag. Vänta på den till imorgon. Ikväll ska Andreas och jag till ett Brasiliansk Party!! Vill försöka knäppa något outfitkort. Vi hörs imorgon!

Sneak Peak

Hey, just came back from the event, had an amazing time with wine, good food, and SHOPPING of course hahah! Here you have a little sneak peak of the night and of the shopping. Nite!!

A White World

I dream of going around in all white lately, but unfortunately, I do not own a gorgeous white coat to pull off the look with, so I dream myself away with the amazing "classic white shirt reinvention" of the season. Designers have done it again and I have fallen again. Soon I will be in the search of the perfect classic white shirt. So far so good, degrees are already starting to climb themselves up, oh yeah!! Cannot wait for spring to arrive! Here a little eye candy, I cannot resist the perfection of the Viktor&Rolf shirt, looks like it's made out of fondant. Enjoy!

Tough Trends

Want to express my personal "disappointment" about two "difficult" trends at the moment. Difficult for those who like me do not count with a pair of long legs haha! The skirts below the knee and the wide leg pants are hard to use for a short person. The first one is a next to impossible trend to use for us, if we want to avoid looking even lower than we already are. The wide leg pants are great and elegant but if a short person uses them without very high heels they usually give the same result as the first trend. I would so love to be able to wear both trends but they are definitely difficult to wear for me and the skirts below the knee are probably a trend that I will never dare to try.

Välkommen till min nya blogg!

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