UN-Conscious Collection

I know H&M's Conscious Collection is in everyone's mouth and I will probably be the biggest grinch in the fashion world for this post, but well, if that is the price for free speech bring it on. Yesterday the collection launched and I happened to be downtown so I checked it out. My opinion: bad quality clothes with an excuse!

I understand that these fabrics are a special kind but that gives no reason to not use lining in garments that are basically see through, that is just cheap. I mean it is not Beach-Conscious Collection... I didn't understand how one is supposed to wear those clothes. Apart from that, the collection is not even a delight to the eye. The pieces really seem like the most basic and non-stylish pieces in a wardrobe. Of course there are like 2 or 3 exceptions, like the dress I show here, but I do not understand what all the fuzz is about this collection, and I am a "greenie" myself, I support and promote everything eco-friendly.
Is it just me out here or does somebody happens to agree?!!???!


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