The Striped Shirt

This summer I found this little treasure in H&M (the striped shirt). I just love it. So easy to wear and to match as well. This is one of the outfits I put together using it. With it comes a tip for those who live in Sweden. The day I wore this outfit, I went to a model-for-a-day session in a company called Model House. They have great make up artists there, I loved my make up! They also have great service and you pay only for the pictures you buy, not for the service itself. Great idea for a girls night out, a bachelorette pre-party or simply to get a great family picture. Enjoy!
Shirt and necklace-H&M, skirt-Vero Moda, knuckle ring-F21 and

Postat av: Anonym

I love the color :)

2011-08-18 @ 04:38:00
Postat av: hilda

Tack! Då blir kicki glad. Älskar dina skor!

2011-08-22 @ 19:08:54

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