Catch OR Release?

WHat should you keep and what should you dispose from your wardrobe to make some space for summer season? Here are my suggestions:
Trends to keep:

Dots: Marc Jacobs will probably be the spring/summer Prada of autumn/winter. Stripes are replaces by dots. Not many of us have polka dots in our closets I guess, but if you do and were thinking of finally disposing this items, think twice, it will be trendy in autumn and winter.
Furs: The bigger the better. Fur (fake ones please!) has been in style for some years now but this coming autunn we got a fresh way of using it: fur sleeves. If you have any fur coat, scarf, etc... do not dispose it, it will stay fashinable.
Leather: again, new and better ways to use leather in a/w season, keep!
- - - - - - - - - -
Colors: we all know colors are huge in spring and summer, the good new is that the transition to autumn and winter will be easy because colors come to stay. AW season has a lot of color also, so it is a good investment.
Sparkles -glitter & shimmer (michael kors, rodarte, jenni Kanyne, peter som, cynthia rowley, shoes miu miu)
New jacket shapes: miu miu,
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
oversized: forget about sloppy, throw all that away and make some space for the colors instead. Here is a last season Dries Van Noten sloppy look and the replacement look from Haider Ackermann. It is all about being elegant and about well tailored clothes in AW2011.
Leopard (dolce, dies van noten-vest-): even though it has been in style for a while, the upcoming seasons are not about this pattern, you can let it go now, if you ask me.
- - - - - - - - - - -
There you go fashionistas, I hope this post has been useful because I have worked quite a while on it. The time is here, season change, wardrobe change. Good luck! Any specific questions? Fell free to ask, I answer and advice you gladly.
Love you all, thank you for reading!


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