Fashion Week Honduras 1/4

"Go BIG or go home!" like my adorable friend Gaby says. That is why this comeback is huge! Recently, Honduras celebrated its very own Fashion Week again and in my opinion it gets better every year. Still long way to go but getting better by the minute. This year I had the opportunity to collaborate with Fashion Week Honduras and My Little Wardrobe covered the entire event with the help of a very close friend but most importantly, a great photographer called Nancy Allen. Thank you Fashion Week Honduras an most specifically Fanne for all your support and for giving us this opportunity!
In this post I will take you to Honduras and we will have a look at the first three shows of the first day.
The day started with a dance show from the team in the dance school Patricia Paz.
Caroll Malloy
Photography: Nancy Allen
The opening fashion show was Caroll Malloy. She describes he line as "whimsical with sexual magnetism". The designer is born and raised in Miami but has roots in Honduras and this is her second time presenting a collection in Fashion Week Honduras.  In my opinion the collection was very structured and at the same time elegant and feminine. The theme rings some bells though...
Amber Drü
Photography: Nancy Allen
Amber presented her debut womenswear collection which was inspired in New York City (where she currently lives). The color palette used in the collection clearly resembles a NY feeling and it gives a modern, edgy mood to it all. The bold lining colors used to contrast the black and grey tones used in the garments give the collection a fun twist and show good finishes. Leather is of course big this season and that was a hit! All in all a consistent and good collection!
Tirso Rubio
Photography: Nancy Allen
If you are from Honduras and like fashion you know who he is. In my very humble opinion Tirso is a designer to keep an eye on. I was introduced to his designs last fashion week and I was completely blown away. Did I mention he is a self-taught designer?? This year he came back with his "Afterhours" collection which is born from the idea of the human being always wanting more. The collection is developed in the thought of the future, where, as the designer describes, we will live in between land and ocean, which is why blue is the main color in the collection. The ocean/land idea is also supported by the use of very contrasting materials and textures. I personally liked the denim skirts and the vests. I also like the use of accessories, they support what we have heard a lot for the 2011-2012 collections: "It's not which bag you're wearing, it's HOW you are wearing it!" Concluding: As a whole a very good collection with a consistent theme and as many mentioned, perfect finishes! Everything looked as it had been stitched by an angel, great on that side but also I believe sometimes less is better. Well done Tirso, you have won our heart once again!
Hope you have all enjoyed this introduction to the Fashion Week and keep our eyes open for the following posts.


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