Best of London FW

London fashion week (spring/summer 2012) is on, after NY Fashion Week and I cannot help but notice the differences between the two. I believe London FW has been so much better, design wise. It has offered much better design and in general a better Fashion Week. This only raises the expectations for Paris and Milan. Here are some images from what I consider to be the best of the week so far.
(l-r) Antonio Berardi & Peter Pilotto
(l-r) Burberry Prorsum & Osman
(l-r) Todd Lynn & Michael van der Ham
P.S. Excuse the lack of posting but I have currently no access to photoshop, which makes it kind of impossible to blog (with quality at least). Doing all in my power to solve this. Thank you for reading!

Postat av: Fernanda Caceres

divino el de antonio berardi>> mi favorito <3

2011-09-22 @ 04:17:23
Postat av: Kristabel

Esta todo fairytale! Love it too!

2011-09-22 @ 07:53:27

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