(l-r) Stella McCartney in Bolero Magazine, september edition, Stella McCartney a/w 2011 collection.
We all like to be right, isn't that true? Well, if you want to be right this season you will probably get something with a dotted pattern as it is one of the strongest trends of the season. For me it is all about dotted+sheer fabrics as we can see in Stella McCartney's collection or about a dotted pattern with strong, contrasting colors like we can see more in Marc Jacobs. I have been searching for something like this in the last weeks but have not been successful in it, any suggestions are appreciated! =) I bet some store will have something similar as more of the fall and winter collections arrive.
(l-r) David Koma, DVF, Marc Jacobs, Katie Holmes in Stella McCartney for Vogue and Stella McCartney again for Vogue Russia, september issue.
(l-r) vogue Japan, detail on Marc Jacobs's a/w 2011 collection and campaign for Stella McCartney
(l-r) Interview magazine september issue and Gucci a/w 2011 collection
Do you like this trend or have any opinions on it?


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